About this fundraiser

Almost a month ago, my moms emotional support budgie, Moochie became very sick. He’s all she has left after the passing of her two elderly cats during the beg of the pandemic.

He ended up with super high amount of gram negative bacteria in his crop/ throat and intestinal tract. He was rushed to Niles Animal hospital in Niles IL, and was admitted for several days. It was touch and go if he was going to pull through. But the little dude has a lot of spirit and fought! 

He‘s been home for several weeks on many antibiotics and probiotics. However he’s not quite there yet. He needs to go back to the vet on Monday as he’s still showing signs of illness.

My brother and I are asking for any financial help for her to take him back to the vet and cover costs of the visit and medications. We both have spent all we can for him and are tapped out,  and this little bird is the center of her world! Our mom is on disability and has a very limited income. Any help or sharing the post for help would be so so appreciated. Thank you for reading!

Organized by

Jet Sullivan

Chicago, IL, USA