About this fundraiser

Hello thank you everyone I usually don't things like this but I really need help. Me and my family has been living in our current apartment that has been leaking , causing us to get sick, mice, our food getting spoiled from the freezer not working correctly. I was finally able to get them to let me out of my lease sooner since they never came first things correctly, and reporting them to corporate office. I found us a new home and we move in on 31st of this month which we are very excited about. I have two children with autism and this living conditions has been affecting them because they have seen the mice and refused to play on the floor or be anywhere in the house where they have seen them. This new place is bigger in a safer neighborhood better schools ECT. Because I moving unexpectedly I am short on funds. I'm not asking for much but anything can help. 

Organized by

Chenelle Alston

Hyattsville, MD, USA