About this fundraiser

**Help Provide Victor with a Custom Wheelchair for Athletics**

MS can be a challenging condition, but it doesn't define Victor. Despite facing difficulties with his legs, balance, and stability, his determination, mind, and heart remain strong. Victor's passion for athletics has not wavered, but he requires a custom wheelchair built for an athlete to continue pursuing his dreams.

The financial burden of obtaining a fitted and custom wheelchair is overwhelming for us. Your generous donation can make a world of difference for Victor. Every contribution brings Victor closer to regaining his freedom, mobility, and independence. Let's come together to support Victor in accessing the equipment he urgently needs.

Your donation will directly impact Victor's life, allowing him to participate in sports and activities he loves. Thank you for your kindness and support in helping Victor thrive despite the challenges he faces. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Organized by

Rita Texeira

New Hill, NC, USA