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Hi my name is Erica Ferguson I’m a number seven of 11 children that my mother and father procreated. On November 17, 2023 my father died of a heart attack. This is not something that I was expecting and definitely something no one was prepared for prior to the unexpected death of my father, my life was somewhat already in shambles within the past few weeks. I’ve recently lost my job and lost my car. Everything was heading to the bottom for me until I decided to mentally take control over my life. I had a spiritual awakening, and I decided to change myself for the better, and I do life in a way that I’ve never did, or could imagine . Right at that moment, I decided to change myself for the better it to change my life. right at the moment when I was ready to make a change and make everything better make myself better I lose my father and decide a time in my life where I’m not in a position to financially have all of the funds needed. it was my father’s request to be cremated, and I would like to honor his wishes at this moment I am only hoping that I am able to gather enough funds for viewing services and cremation. However, if I am able to hit my goal and receive enough donations I will be able to have a funeral for my father, so everyone that loved him, and all of his children were able to see him off in the proper fashion and manner, this is this is a decision that Hass to be made quickly due to the fact that he just recently passed and if anybody has anything whether it’s a dollar or dime any and everything will help him I don’t really have a lot more to say other than I lost my dad and I need help raise money for his funeral. Service app really works in. Anyone wants to help here. I am if you can please and thank you. 

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Erica Ferguson

Homestead, FL, USA