About this fundraiser

My only friend Steve was only sick a few days, only thinking it was his yearly allergys. But just after he went to the hospital he was put on life support and never came home. Steves dog is still waiting for his return. Steve’s family finally showed up, they robbed him, ram-sacked his house, and told me the would cremate him. Steve never talked to his family, he always told me his family was people that were no good. And now I understand. The morge told me after a week and a half after his passing the morge said no one has even came to identify him. So they lied about the cremation, they dont wanna be bothered. But I can’t just leave him. I don’t even know what they do with someone who passes and doesn’t have family to clame them. But Steve is the nices and giving person I’ve ever met. he Was my best friend. Now I don’t have anyone to talk to, no one to pick me up and take me to work. I miss him so much. He deserves to be remembered. With my lil job I don’t have enough to barry him. i need help, this was the only think I could think to do. Any donation is greatly appreciated and will go toward the cost of Steve’s barial. 

Organized by

Amy Milam

Cleveland, TX, USA