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Posting on here is a last resort for me. My grandmother who raised me, who was the kindest yet strongest person I have ever know, passed away on April 4th 2023. My grandmother was fiercely independent until she had two brain bleeds in June and July of 2021. I moved into my current apartment in order for my Tita to live with me and have a home, as well as a caregiving situation that she truly deserved, because she had been living with my sister prior to moving in with me, however she was neglected at my sister’s and was rarely allowed outside of her room. My grandmother developed vascular dementia so overnight she went from being the glue that held our family together, to a beautiful and vulnerable soul, who needed our help, just like we all needed hers our entire lives, and she never once failed us. In fact, she might still be alive if she hadn’t taken on everyone’s problems and tried to resolve them by giving everything she could give from her monthly social security benefits. I was the only one with a graduate degree and a career, therefore, I didn’t ask my Tita for financial help nor did I know that during the two years before her brain bleeds she was giving my sister’s husband and my uncle any money. 

My grandmother was my mother, and she was my sister’s mother as well. I ended up having to resign from my job last February 2023, due to her private caregiver of one year deciding to take a job at a nursing home with no prior notice. My sister and our mother who didn't raise us but always lived with us and our grandmother, refused to stay with my grandmother so I could go to work, even though neither one works. I ended up quitting my job and my partner was supporting us financially, however, my partner made significantly less money than I used to. 

My grandmother had vascular dementia but due to living in a calmer environment and being free to go anywhere in our apartment, as opposed to being restricted to her bedroom like she was at my sister's, she was very lucid here, even my family recognizes that. 

My grandmother was a blessing to us, even after I had to become her full-time caregiver, something I would do all over again and would still like to do if only one could turn back time. 

My grandmother had CHF, and her aortic valve stenosis got worse pretty quickly. my grandmother passed away in her sleep here at her home, our home, on April 4th 2023. I took my pension out to pay for her funeral, well I have to pay my sister's husband back for the beautiful  funeral  as soon as I receive my pension withdrawal. I owe my sister's husband a great deal of money for my Tita's funeral, and after I pat him back, then pay my rental arrears for April/May, I will only have enough to live on for about a month, until I find a job in my field. 

My partner is a teacher, there is no salary in the summer. Without my grandmother's sicuak security check which was mostly used in her directly, we cant even afford to pay our rent here because part of her monthly benefits went towards the rent after I had to quit my job ti care for my grandmother at home  full tine. 

My grandmother currently needs a headstone with an inscription, which I can pat part of, but i can't pay all of it.  My sister says she will help with the headstone but I don't think she is able to since  she quit her job due to grief. 


I only need about $500 to $1000, is why i turned to this website, hoping for some empathic souls to help me purchase the headstone. 



Organized by

Christina Shafer

Elizabeth, NJ, USA