About this fundraiser

Hi, I dont know where to start with this honestly. I just need some help. I currently moved here from a different state not too long ago. It’s been alittle rough. Im the sole provider for my mother and sister. All of the money goes to food, rent, and Bills; and any added extra income, mostly just a hundred or two left goes to gas and medicine. I’ve been trying to make ends meet, but it’s been quite something when you work 12 hours everyday, wake up early and arrive late at home. More than 12 actually. But all ive wanted for so long is a pc. Not too much, just as long as it works and i could start my dream. What is my dream? it’s best if one day that will be presented. And it will be the best I’ll put out of it for all my efforts. Thank you if you took the time for reading.

Organized by

Diego Melendez

Las Vegas, NV, USA