About this fundraiser

As most may not know, our mom has been struggling with oxygen levels amongst other medical issues for some time.  She's been admitted to kadlec and we have learned she's in the late and final stages of copd.  She's hid this and tried not to burden us because she doesn't want to leave a financial burden. She's choosing things she doesn't know if she wants because of money. Money is her worry when she should be worrying about the quality of her end of life. I can barely write this. My eyes are flooded with tears and my heart is so broken as I'm thousands of miles away from her as I write this. Please help ease in any way u can, my mother's stresses and worries so that she can focus on living the BEST LIFE possible in this time. I know so many love her and we all can help. Not just the donations to ease her burden but she will need help packing an apt as she can no longer live on her own. She will need many things that she will never let known. I will. She's too proud.  We are not. We need your help. Stop in, check in, show her how much we love her. Don't wait. I will be in touch with my sister and my aunt whom I will be transferring all donations to. She is my our angel and has been taking the best care of mom and that is also where she is moving to. It's hard to ask for help and she never would.  She will probably be enraged about this but I don't want her worrying about money for expenses after life. That kills us girls. Our mother is an amazing woman, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and so much more. Any for of help is so appreciated.  On behalf of our mother and family we thank you for being such a special part in our lives and journeys. We will post updates as we know more in time. 

Organized by

Melinda Hazen

Hillsboro, TX, USA