About this fundraiser

I had my 09 Toyota Camry stolen from my apartment. On Wednesday, I'm a 47 year old  mother of three kids. My son who's 30 and a ten and thirteen  year old daughters. I also take care of my mom clean her house, and help her get to doctor appointments and the store. My grandmother passed aways and gave me her car. My job is a house keeper, I'm an honest hard working person who doesn't hurt anyone. I don't have any  money. I do't even make enough money to live on and could not afford to purchase the car on my own. Receiving the car was under really bad circumstances. I was very grateful I'm able to drive my kids to school. Also get to work. Now I have no way to get to work. My daughters are missing a bunch of school. I have no way to get another car. I don't know what to do but maybe ask the kindness of others to help me. I'm so lost why do such bad things happen to good people. I only had liability insurance on my car I couldn't afford full coverage. I made a police report but it doesn't seem there going anything. 

Organized by

Kristina Henry

Beaverton, OR, USA