About this fundraiser


Hello i am looking some help to get expenses for a while with new clothes and place for living also i lost everything from past couple of months but need help and support from the people who can help me make my life better.

I will be really thankful for everyone who can help me with donations as i am really struggling hard and unable to make my life better in job getting journey.

My current situation is really bad as i am struggling with no hope also if i got some work I don't have an expenses to start please help me as i will decrease my struggles and give me some help.

I am masters graduate but my fate is really not that good. I am hopeful that people can understand my condition and help me out.

Please offer me some help.

Your small help can make a big change in my life help me cover my some emergency expenses also i will utilize them by make myself safer and focus towards achieve my goals but ...i don't have anything as if now... please need help.

Also i tried to get a job but...i don't have money initially for rent and good clothes please help me to get out of struggle.

Organized by

Rachit Sharma

Herndon, VA, USA