About this fundraiser

My husband past away unexpectedly on April 2, 2024 of a heart attack. We just arrived in Yuba City to visit his dad in the hospital he just had a major stroke 2 days before. Trav was a very kind hearted , loving , caring man. He only wanted the best for everyone. 
He loved to get out and do things with his family and friends. Gold mining, metal detecting, fly fishing, BMX, and his job at Riverfront MX Park in Yuba City. He loved me unconditionally, no matter what I did or didn’t do. We were married for 27 years. He was my best friend and our family’s biggest fan. 

Thru all this ive had to use the money we had saved on motels in yuba city while I wait for all of the stuff to be done. I have no money for the cremation . If anyone could help I would before grateful. Thank you!




Organized by

Kristina Cooper

Yuba City, CA, USA