About this fundraiser

On July 5th, I will have to say bye to the person who has never left my side for the last 20 plus years, my bestfriend, Princess. She has been with me through every up and down in my life. Shes kept me sober and mentally sane. We do everything together ❤️  saying goodbye is already hard but she deserves for it to be at home surrounded by love. I cant imagine her last day being a vet visit. It is just very expensive to do this and everyone knows money is not a thing when it comes to our babies any little bit helps. Please help me give my bestfriend the goodbye she deserves at home. I love her more than anything and this is already hard enough ❤️ even posting this has just made it too real. Are we ever really ready to lose such a significant part of our life 💔  The money will be used for someone to come to the house to send her to heaven, and for her body to be cremated and put into a wooden photo urn 

Organized by

Rebecca Kuhn

Loveland, OH, USA