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Hello my name is Victoria Milton/Johnson & my husband name is Bennie Johnson my husband is currently incarcerated and we need y'all help with funeral and cremation costs here's our story-  we was happy on January 8th, 2024 when I went to the clinic to get a pregnancy test and it came out positive when I told my husband he was extra excited then on January16th, 2024 was when I got my first sonogram an was able to see my baby but then on February 27th, 2024 I went for my clinic appointment where I found out my pressure was dangerously high and they had to send me to the Emergency Room my world ended when they did a sonogram and told me my baby didn't have a heartbeat they took the sonogram four times and all four times I was told the same thing and I had to make a decision on what I wanted to do they induced me and I was in labor for two days on February 29th, 2024 at 2:20PM I went into labor and I had to push my baby boy out the first day I got to find out what the gender was I couldn't even get to hear my baby cry or even bring him home to meet his other siblings or family members then having to leave the hospital without my baby boy is really painful I never imagined having to go through this at all I'm so heartbroken I will be heartbroken forever.

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Victoria Milton

Brooklyn, CT, USA