Latest update as of May 16, 2024

  • Chemo round 2! 💪

    It has been awhile since we gave an update on here. Since the last update we have made it through 1 round of chemotherapy with one setback (seizure) that occurred. Since then Sean has been going strong and staying motivated. We embark on his 2nd round of chemotherapy tomorrow and ask for continued prayers well wishes and positivity going forward. We ask if you are able to donate or share the page. Weekly copays and being inpatient for any procedure adds up. Once again any help counts. We love you all!

About this fundraiser

When we took Sean to the hospital on 3/28, I could have never expected the news we would receive. Sean has developed a rare form of diabetes and has several masses in and on his brain. Since then we have been transferred to 2 other hospitals. Multiple CT‘s, MRI’s, as well as spinal taps have been performed and although we are closer to figuring what the masses are, unfortunately still have not found answers. No matter what the amount insurance may cover, Sean will have a long road to recovery once discharged. 

This has been organized to help Sean pay for his medical expenses throughout his road to treatment and recovery. Please continue praying for answers and good news. 

Organized by

Alyssa Godwin

Richmond, VA, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

William Godwin