About this fundraiser

Hello, my name is Angel and as you can see from my photo I have some perfuming and candle making components already! My business is very small and I had originally started up just as the pandemic was reaching it's peak aaaaaannnnnnnd then we had to uproot. While in the process of moving, I've lost much of my equipment and expensive materials and it has been hard to reacquire what I had lost.

So, you probably could have guessed that my business is of the perfumery kind!

Why 3,000?

I still have quite a lot of components and equipment that I need, including and not limited to: Packaging, labels, vials/bottles, pipettes, some bigger bottles of essential oils, absolutes, CO2s, and natural aroma chemicals, more wicks, a bit more wax, and finally; the etsy store and farmer's market rent!

I take pride in using high quality, professional components and ethically sourced components at that. Unfortunately, that is costly and with the very little capital I had (i scrimped and saved 3k) and bought what you see over time. I am beyond nervous and excited at undertaking this business venture, but i believe it will be worth it, and I very much appreciate everyone of you who have taken the time to read this and consider donating!

Thank you!!!!!

Organized by

Angelique Mace

St Johnsbury, VT, USA