About this fundraiser

I want to help people through teaching, counseling, and also providing spiritual readings with my intuitive guidance. I want to help people get more in touch with God and how the praying and relying on thd universe to provide can alleviate their concerns. Honestly I have been struggling with financial issues throughout my whole life, however I feel every downfall was to build my strength and courage. I feel I can help build my YouTube channel and hopefully a business or church to help people become more enlightened. I just feel God wanting me to preach the gospel and explain my personal ideas. I began this spiritual journey and business in 2014 and the things I have learned actually have spread out to the world through my conscious connection. I feel God has given me a psychic gift to lead by example with my inner knowledge. 

I want to instruct people with philosophical, psychological, biological and spiritual education to help them reshape how they view things. For instance the universal laws and metaphysics are great to learn because it provides an explanation om how reality functions. I feel through your relationship with God is very important because you begin to unfold your real destiny. I can teach people how to manifest their desires, develop mind power such as emotional control, patience etc, and basically show you that anything is possible.

Please help me build my fundraiser because I desperately need supplies, equipment, business-related needs, and eventually I would love to give back and start a charity for those less fortunate. 


Thank you all for believing in me!

Organized by

Natalie Woodward

Wilmington, DE, USA