About this fundraiser

 Meet Squid: From a traumatic start to a resilient fighter and overall GOOD BOY❤️. Found on a street corner, emaciated and beaten w 2x4s by teens on a street corner, he was rescued by Sarah Barney from the brink of euthanasia (we are all forever gratefu). As a foster (through The Bond Between rescue- then Secondhand Hounds), he arrived terrified but with patience and love, he transformed into a happy, goofy, love nugget. 
Now, at 9 years old, Squid faces another battle - degenerative myelopathy. His rear legs are failing, but our fight isn't over. We've discovered a holistic protocol offering hope, but it comes at a cost - $275/month for basics, $400/month with all suggested supplements. Squid's bravery, his delightful energy and fighting spirit, inspire us to do everything we can. Join us in supporting Squid's journey towards healing and comfort.

Organized by

Nisa Fiin

Prior Lake, MN, USA