About this fundraiser

I am trying To raise funds for a young lady that I've known for 14 years she's more like a daughter to me!! the young lady has lost everything in her life pretty much her whole family the last person was her father, who passed away March 29th of this year she has no sibling!! She has a lot of health issues and still tries to manage holding a job!! The job she is holding is horrible they're only allowing her to work 10 hours a week. she has lost not just her family but everything she Owned and worked so hard for!She needs a fresh start she needs to find an apartment, get clothes furniture, pay bills ETC.. that are 3months behind!! But she needs funds to be able to move and get her life together! now that she's alone I help her as much as I can with food gas money here and there so she can go to work and go to new job interviews!! but I am on a fixed income and I can only do so much!! She will be getting evicted here soon from her home! I wish I could move her in with me but where I live it is not allowed! please find it in your heart to help this young lady get her life together she deserves a new start! Since I can remember she's always there for anyone who needs her even strangers but now she has no one even trying to help her! I know times are hard and everybody is struggling but any little bit that you can help with is better than nothing! This is our last hope She has less than a month to be able to find somewhere to go with her 2 dogs!! Please give this young lady a chance to have a life again!!Ty…

Organized by

Karen Richards

Girard, OH, USA