About this fundraiser

My name is Alissa After me and my daughter both had near death experiences due to cancer and due to COVID. I almost died  Of cancer. But I I'm in Remission now. My daughter contracted the virus. Miss - c due to COVID. And she was on life suport for almost 2 weeks All her organs were 4 times the size of normal. and she made it through. And she's Home now doing a little better, still not out of the woods but better.. But we both made it threw with the love of animals. Mine was with a cat, the beautiful white cat.in the pictures below with me. When I had cancer, she never left my side. Since me and. my daughter both Have A second chance on life. We decided that we wanted To open a animal grooming Chios. That's open 24 hour It's cheaper than going to a grooming Salon. For animals and you get to do it yourself. Or I'll offer a service Where You can call me or One of my employees. And we Will wash your animal for you if you're not able to do it, Yourself   By opening up, my own business will keep me busy and healthier. Not thinking about if the cancer is gonna come back if I'm gonna come out of remission and It will help the community by saving money to do it yourself by Grooming your own animal. Animals are more than just pets. They help All of us in more ways then you think when you're having a bad day and come home, you'll open your door and your animal sitting there. Waiting for you Patiently Wagging their tail. You lean over given them a pat or a hug oreven a squeeze. And your day feels a lot better. There's animals that can tell if you have cancer animals that could tell if you gonna pass out. There's all kinds of services animals they do us a great deal. And by me opening my own business. My own animal wash station kios will help the community. Buy me hiring a few people to help me run it. I would definitely like to get more than one As the businesses Grows Hopefully down-the-line. several of them all over California. And that's a lot of people that I can hire to help me run everyone of those kioshes that I open. At the main thing is for me and my daughter. Just spent time together with a business that we open together. What's our second chance on life? Here's some pictures of animals that we own. And the picture of the cat with me when I had cancer, how she made me feel and what she did for me. Her laying with me and making me feel special. You'll see the pictures of me when I was sick with cancer in the pictures of me. Now that I'm not sick and ready to start business.


Organized by

Alissa Elliott

Ceres, CA, USA