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Hi,my name is Steve Crockett. I grew up in Lebanon Ohio. I grew up lower middle class and always have dreamed of starting my own environmental business including Haz mat,bio haz,chemical cleaning,air pollution safety and industrial chemical cleaning!! I have worked in this business over 20 years! I have dedicated my life to helping others and always financially helping friends and family! I try to uplift every one around me and see the best in people!! I always have had a soft spot for homeless people and always gave money to any one in need! I am not rich by any means but always think of others before my self! I've worked very hard to get where I am in life and it wasn't always easy but God always in my heart helped me overcome being homeless, in and out of jail due to me fighting for friends and loved ones in my prior life being involved in a motorcycle club brotherhood that I got out of due to my love for others and after my best friend got murdered in dayton ohio I prayed that God would let me go to his funeral while being locked up for a bar fight I got in to!! I needed a miracle because I was serving an 8 month sentence and I got on my knees in tears and asked God to please let me go to Ben's funeral and I wasn't much of a praying man at the time! I wrote the judge a letter and after all the guards told me that I wasn't getting out of their my cell Door opens up the day of Ben's funeral 3 days later a month in to a an 8 month sentence and said Crockett it's a miracle pack it up your being released! I'm not a guy that cries but I gave the guard a hug and packed up my stuff and my brother nate picked me up and I had him take me to the goodwill to get me a cheap suit for Ben's funeral and I thanked God from the bottom of my heart and have changed my life around completely! That all happened in 2016! Me and my best friend Ben had been best friends since 7th grade! Played sports together, lived together, went through hardships together, went on trips together,dated girls together who were friends,went to family functions together, went to church together, fought together and he will be dearly missed! He asked me two things before he died, 1 to quit drinking 2 to start a business doing environmental and industrial work because he owned a tree business and taught me that business as well! I started Crockett Outdoor Services while working for numerous different environmental companies and industrial companies from the time I was 18 until now! I have worked in power plants,chemical plants,steel mills,oil refineries, paper mills,nuclear power plants,coal mines, including many fortune 500 companies and wealthy successful companies handling their environmental and industrial work in these plants! I have three kids 9,4, and 11. Two daughters and a son! I have a dream to start and own my own environmental company because I am close to one of the best in that industry! Waterblasting ,lancing and chemical cleaning I'm known as elite and a hard worker. I have made companies iv worked for a ton of money in these plants and I just want a chance to have some one believe in me and give me a chance to prove that if they invest in me I will make them money and they won't regret investing in me because no one will work harder then I will to make them money and make them proud of me!  If they give me 300,000$ to purchase a 10-40k psi unit from jest stream or NLB corporation and a vac truck which our the two main peices of equipment I need then I will make after the first three years an average of 1.5 million a year! I have relationships with several plants and companies and I would greatly appreciate this more then you would ever know! I'm not asking for money I'm asking for a chance to make you and me money with a great return on investment!! I pray this finds the person God brings me to and I pray that you help me change my and my kids life! I won't let you down!! Sincerely Steve crockett! 

Organized by

Steve Crockett

Lebanon, OH, USA


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