About this fundraiser

I have to drop my pride and beg for help.I have found myself homeless,no transportation,no money,no job.I was staying with my boyfriend and his parents and I was thrown out of the home after they walked in to find their son beating me in the head in a chock hold and then proceeded to blame me and somehow think this was ok.Ive lost everything I ever owned this past year.I don't have a red cent to my name and I just need a lil help to get a way to go a place to stay were I can attempt to get my life going in the right direction.I suffer from severe depression and I don't want to let this get the best of me.I lost a brother to suicide I still have hope I can make it out of this unhealthy situation I've found myself in.I just am alone and need just a lil help.please.Im begging.I don't know what else to do at this point.im absolutely terrified.I am at rock bottom.

Organized by

Rachel Lightsey

Ocean Springs, MS, USA