About this fundraiser

Active8 is a program that’ has various programs from k-8th grade at Columbus State University. Children are our future. With hands on programs experience such as engineering,  technology, survival skills and talents, my children will have access to the world‘s latest materials at an early age and also to programs that one day they may have a career in or at least have the knowledge of what’s going on in the world from what schools don’t teach or I may not know. Children learn quickest at an early age. Their brains are like sponges. It easily soaks up everything new to them. It’s takes a village to raise a child and adults need a village too. With any amount of donation, you become mine and my children’s village with not only their education but their quality of life.  Nothing is too big or too small. We thank you and are grateful. 

Organized by

Courtney Jackson

Columbus, GA, USA