About this fundraiser

Hi everyone, I can’t begin to thank you all for your generosity. I see each and every one of you who have sent so much love our way. I’ll be forever grateful to you and your families for taking the time to support my mom in her journey. 

Love, Kelsey 


I've established this fund, to not only ask for your support but to give you a glimpse of my mother’s remarkable journey that began nearly ten years ago.

My mom’s life happenings have been a silent whisper, yet her courageous spirit and contagious laugh have always been heard loud and clear.

She continues to beam with immense courage against her battle with breast cancer. And throughout the years, I believe that her unwavering optimism has granted her every single day that has followed since her first diagnosis.

Your support will give her the reassurance to maintain that positive mentality while lifting the burden of overwhelming medical bills, opening the door to exploratory treatments, and covering costs that insurance simply won't.

I’d like to share some additional insight into the financial aspect of her battle, where she faces a daunting array of expenses:

  • Health insurance, a non-negotiable necessity that ensures she receives the care she needs, costs $615.
  • Medications, a lifeline for her, come to a staggering cost of $2,800 a month.
  • Treatments and therapies, which have played a pivotal role in extending her fight against this relentless disease, amount to $8,000.


Your contribution is not just a donation; it's an act of empathy that extends beyond the financial realm. Your support will directly ease the weight of ongoing expenses, providing us with the means to focus on what truly matters - Suzanne’s health and well-being.

Life is a gift. And I thank you in advance for supporting my mom's.

Organized by

Kelsey Beattie

Troy, NY, USA