About this fundraiser

Hello my  name is Alton Robinson and I'm starting this fundraiser on the behalf of the my wife best friend Ivory Smith. On April 17th Thier lives were drastically changed when her son Tedrick Moss was shot 3 times While visiting his dad. Due to the injuries he is now  permanently paralyzed from the chest down. Tedrick is currently fighting for his life, presently on life support because he is still unable to breath on his own and because of this he will require to have a trachea put in his throat to help him breathe. Tedrick is a loving and respectful young man who loves life and taking care of his 7 siblings. He does not deserve to be going through this. He needs extensive medical care and equipment to help him recover and get back to living as close to normal as he can. I am asking for as many prayers and donations to assist him in a healthy and speedy recovery. Tedrick is in need of a special wheelchair, bed, and ventilator. He also needs an extensive amount of medical care along with relocating to Atlanta, Georgia to the Shepard’s Center so that he can receive the best care possible. Your donations will help with his medical expenses as well as the relocation for Ivory And the rest of her children so that he has all the support he needs. Thank you for all your prayers and donations.


Organized by

Alton RobinsonJr

Deerfield Beach, FL, USA