About this fundraiser

RESCUE MOMMY NEEDS HELP.  My daughter Stacie is a foster failure! She falls in love and keeps them …so she has several. She also constantly drives endless hours delivering and picking up other fosters and adopted dogs to their new homes.  Her dogs all have handicaps and she is so patient, loving and tireles  with them and doesn't mind the extra work. Her husband and my grandaughters amd I love them and help too.!

  Last night Teny was accidently bumped off of the back of the couch by his sister that's  a little bigger and dislocated his leg.  I can still hear his his lous painfull screames as she ran to the car with him. The  emergency vet that already charged a small fortune before seeing  him after  noral business hours  said it's  just dislocated. Needs  re set and fused. Sounds simple but the rediculou cos  it 11,000  plus the cost to keep him sedated over night last night. Makes me angry that vets charge thes fees just because they know we love our pets and will do anything to save them. He is her baby, like her child. They all are..My heart hurt last night as she nstood cryin while she explained the cost… because no one has 11,000 extra dollars in their budget. She was afraid of the possibility of having to put him to sleep. I told her we'd figure it out and he was definitely  having surgery. Tenny had a life threatening infected leg when she adopted him and had to have his front leg amputated.years ago. So this is a important  and necessary surgery to save this leg. Thank you so much  in advance to any of you that can help a little bit with this precious little guys surgery costs. Love you...and Teny!    

Organized by

June Gilmore

Rochester, Pennsylvania, USA