About this fundraiser

Teresa Smith Safranske was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Her oncologists have given her about a year to fulfill her bucket list. It's relatively short because T has packed a whole lot of living in her life. You might know her as the first female Marine from Knox High School. Or from her many logistics jobs. Or the VFW. Or around town with her friends and family. Can you help her get to the Pacific Northwest? She wants to hug a redwood and see the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and the Oregon Trail. She is an avid reader of historical westerns and this has been her dream. This lady would give the shirt off her back….and has. She has been dealt a crappy hand, but like the rest of her life, she is dealing with it with strength, grit and honor. Please help if you can.

Teresa is continuing treatment. There will be a fundraiser at 10-56 in July. Be on the lookout for more info. A portion of sales and a silent auction will all go to getting T's bucket list fulfilled. 

UPDATE: Alot of people ask me how I'm doing, sometimes it's hard to figure out who is asking and really wants to know and those that just do it out of social norm. So I  just told a friend this. I've done all the treatments they have available so now I just wait for it to spread I have some really dark days when I think on it too much but I only have a 25 percent chance of living 2 years and 12 percent of 5, so its alot to take in. I try not to say no to anything because I don't know if I'll get a chance to experience it again but there are times my health won't allow me to. . So out of the blue a good friend invited me to go see the water falls today and I dropped everything and went. It's a weird feeling knowing you only have so much time. Really takes a toll on my  mental state alot. So if you were wondering and wanted to know, this is how I'm doing. Living every moment and opportunity I can.

Organized by

Julie Farus

Knox, IN, USA