About this fundraiser

Help Tommy Meet His Medical Needs**

Tommy is facing an uphill battle with his health, requiring five different medications and regular visits to his primary care physician and a cardiologist. The financial burden of these medical expenses has made it difficult for him to make ends meet, especially since he is unable to work due to his condition. Tommy is striving to secure disability support, but in the meantime, he needs your help to cover these costly treatments.

Your support can make a significant difference in Tommy's life, ensuring he can access the care he desperately needs. Every donation brings him one step closer to managing his medical needs and alleviating the financial stress weighing him down. Your generosity will provide Tommy with the means to focus on his health and well-being without the added worry of mounting medical bills.

**Thank you for considering a donation to Tommy's medical fund. Your kindness and support are truly appreciated.**

Organized by

Melissa Smith

Keystone Heights, FL, USA