About this fundraiser

On March 08, 2023, their lives forever changed…

My sister, Kristin, received a call stating that her husband, Tim, was involved in a serious car accident. 

Tim was ejected from his vehicle after being hit in the driver's front side and then again by a semi truck that hit him in the rear driver's side. Tim was wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident, but the impact broke the belt and ejected him 40 feet down the highway, where he landed face first in the pavement in the median. Tim was transported by ambulance to the hospital and was placed on a ventilator and was transferred to a critical care hospital. Once he became stabilized, he was released to go home where Kristin has been caring for him. 

Once Tim was seen by their family physician, he was given several referrals to seek the help of specialists. After what has felt like an eternity, the specialists have said that Tim needs to have multiple surgeries, casts, multiple neurological appointments  and extensive physical therapy sessions. The accident caused Tim to break both of his ankles, a vertebrae in his back, several broken ribs and awaiting to see the results from the neurologist as to the extent of head trauma. 

Although medical insurance will cover some of the costs, Tim and Kristin are not able to afford all the deductibles, the gas to get him back and forth to appointments, the medical co-pays, prescriptions, etc. as they barely survive on Tim's small SSI check monthly to cover their household expenses such as food, electric, water, auto and health insurance, etc. 

Please give what you can give to help them get the medical care Tim so desperately needs. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers and monetary support.



Organized by

Tami Stevens

Willis, TX, USA