Latest update as of Jan 21, 2024

  • Wow, we reached our goal.

    Thank you to everyone who donated to this fundraiser. Not only did these funds allow our mother to have a beautiful, dignified wake that let the whole community pay their respects, and a joyous memorial to celebrate her life, this money will also help Lisa, Tiana, and Shawna remain in the house they all grew up in for at least another year while they sort out a collective budget for their new and unexpected domestic reality.

    Even more than that, you have made us feel loved and cared for at a time when the person who loved and cared for us most was taken from us. You've made us feel, deeply, how strong a community coming together can really be. We are all simply in awe of your generosity and solidarity. Thank you, thank you, thank you -- we can never thank you enough.

    In loving gratitude,
    and in Tina's memory,
    Lisa, Ed, Tiana and Shawna

    Wow, we reached our goal.

About this fundraiser

Tina Wise Halter, 74, of Weymouth, Massachusetts, a devoted and loving mother and grandmother, and dear friend to many, passed away from a sudden illness on January 6, 2024.  She is survived by her daughter Lisa Reddick, of Weymouth, and Ed Halter, of Brooklyn, New York, and her grandchildren Tiana Reddick and Shawna Reddick.

Tina was more than a grandmother to Tiana and Shawna. She had helped raise them with Lisa in her house in North Weymouth, the same home Lisa was raised and grew up in. Lisa and Tina had been supporting the household together since Lisa's divorce in 2022, and Tina's divorce in 2008.

Retired since 2003, Tina contributed all of her Social Security and other benefits towards the mortgage of the house and bills and died with only $71 in a checking account. She was taken from us suddenly, and the household is financially unprepared for the expenses that lie ahead, which include not only Tina's wake and memorial but also the portion of the mortgage she would have covered when alive. We are worried that Lisa, Tiana, and Shawna can still have a roof over their heads as Shawna begins college and Tiana continues her studies and work. 

If you would like to donate in Tina's memory, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. 

Organized by

Lisa Reddick & Ed Halter

Weymouth, MA, USA