About this fundraiser

I would Benefit along with my children.If I’m ok mentally then it would allow me to continue on in my Journey as a Great mother.I lost my mother at the age of 14..And growing up in SC Foster system was Extremely hard.I through the grace of God made it through everything that came my way.I moved Back to NYC in 2003 and meet someone Got married and just knew my life with a husband was complete..I have been married for 20 years and 3 children.My oldest is in prison serving 15 years.my son is 17 and will graduate High school in 2023. I saw the signs but honestly I ignored them..I thought about ending it all.But the pain I felt losing my mom at 14 to end up in the system wouldn’t allow me to stamp my children with that pain..I tried to go on in this marriage even after I was told I was ugly and how I look funny when I sit down.This man embarrassed me at our place of employment.Which lead me to be laid off to collect unemployment.Don’t think for a minute I am ungrateful,I am very grateful but because he has been so controlling this is what he wanted, so he can feel validated .He has told family members they where pretty and how he wish he had meet them first..He goes through my phone my social media accounts..I was in Denial for so long of the Truth..Please just know this would really help me to relocate and provide a safe environment with no more mental abuse.I just need to be free of the mental and controlling abuse I have endured for so long.I plan to relocate to Richmond va. And please know I appreciate you and this will Be new beginnings for me and my children.

Organized by

Jennifer Lambert

New York, NY, USA