About this fundraiser

My close friend of 13 years is going through a tough time. He is being evicted, his business is struggling, and he was recently incarcerated on an alleged parole violation. Despite these challenges, he remains a true southern gentleman, an entrepreneur, and a US Navy veteran. Sadly, he lost his mother shortly after Mother's Day. She suffered from a lifelong illness, and his stepfather denied his brother the chance to see her before she passed. The stepfather plans to let the City of Houston handle her remains and has already signed over her life insurance policy and title to her home in Harris County to his name, against her wishes. They plan to seek legal help, but lack the necessary resources. I hope to generate support for my friend and his family so that they can obtain the help they need. If they decline the donations, I will direct them to a charity of their choosing. I am currently awaiting the family's consent before sharing any names.

Organized by

Christopher Payne

Austin, TX, USA