About this fundraiser

So as we all know politics is scary especially project 2025 when it comes to the lgbtq community. I am a 34 year old transgendered individual who is wanting ffs surgery done as fast as possible so I can be my authentic self especially when the seems of our democracy is flailing around us. If my insurance healthcare is taken away from me in the means of being able to continue through with my hormone replacement theralies. At least I can still present an outward appearance of who I feel inside. I know I am asking for a lot in terms of not being able to do it for myself financially, I am just hoping that others can give a helping hand. 
I do work a full time job but of course in the economy it is hard to be able to afford much of anything else for myself at this point. Any help is amazing even just sharing. thank you again for the time in reading this

Organized by

Stacy Henderson

Kansas City, MO, USA