About this fundraiser

The Understory Equitable Access Fund aims to enhance access to safe and legal Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for people with limited financial resources.

Because Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT) is not yet covered by MSP, many people who would benefit greatly from KAT cannot access this promising mental health treatment.

Through the Equitable Access Fund, Understory will provide a number of discounted or subsidized treatments for those who are eligible.

Community support also plays a crucial role in addressing the barriers that prevent many people from benefiting from this promising mental health treatment. With financial contributions from individuals and organizations, we can provide additional subsidized treatment to those who qualify, ensuring that KAT costs do not become an insurmountable barrier.

For details regarding Understory Wellness and the Equitable Access Fund, visit our website.

Thank you for supporting the mental health of our communities. 

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Understory Wellness

Vernon, BC, Canada