About this fundraiser

Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with brain cancer. I am one of the luckiest people because I'm still here and doing well. For those who may not know, cancer is in the cells of our bodies.  When it's in the brain, the tumor can be removed, radiation and chemo can be given but brain cells cancerous or not, cannot be removed.  So it's just always there.    There are things that aren't as easy to do as far as using my brain.  Often I forget what I'm saying as I'm saying it, can't think of a word, lose my car in a parking lot (more often then not), I get overwhelmed easily paying bills, something I've done numerous times and now it can become overwhelming?   My Neurological oncologist tells me I need to get out more, find a hobby, make a daily schedule, etc.  I thought for a while because I have no hobbies, I came up with a daily schedule but getting out more, where am I going to go.  Ive been on disability for 12 yrs, I don't want to just spend money “to go out”.  As a young girl I played the piano.  As an adult I don't have a piano, but I thought something I would love to do is play piano again.  It would be something to keep my brain going and something I enjoy.  I wouldn't be able to make rent, pay my bills, food shop etc and buy myself a keyboard.  Asking for money hurts my pride but sometimes we have to put pride aside to do something that could be beneficial I suppose.  Having the keyboard would be something to keep my  brain going, in turn keep me going.  Thank you for any help you can give.

Organized by

Gail Ramsell

Central Islip, NY, USA