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The Photos you see are of my son in law and my daughter Sara her husband William Austin Hale III who was a HIGHLY DECORATED Army Ranger , a true war hero. Lead his troops into live battle while protecting his men as well as  the innocent civilians in Iraq… this AMAZING VETERAN, Husband, father took his life on Feb 28th 2024… who sacrificed his own life daily for Us in the United States states, took his own life due to severe PTSD at the young age of only 41 .. although my daughter Sara suffered along side of him, for 15 years of marriage, the self sacrificing love, dedication,, admiration she held for him when he couldn't love or even like himself throughout all the nightmares., mood swings and all other suicide attempts she never wavered  from his side 100% by his side constantly trying to build him back up for 15 years of marriage she is STILL his dedicated wife .. She tragically awoke at 5:45 am to find him hanging in there Garage.. although she tried so very hard to save him by cutting him down praying she could save him this one time!!!  unfortunately after all her efforts it was all much too late.. he was gone, unfortunately he did not leave her with any life insurance, savings, etc. due to his declining mental condition and depression he stopped paying all bills , Mortgages , car payments, utilities etc. he insisted to be the ONLY one to take  on those responsibilities….Sara,  has been now institutionalized twice now due to the traumatizing way she found him , she CAN NOT sleep with out every light on, she sees him hanging constantly, always waiting for Austin to walk through the door ….her constant grief and guilt that stems from not waking up at 2am to stop him from taking his life as she had so many other times! He didn't want to be stopped this time!!  Sara needs  financial help more than anyone at this point We moved her back to Mass so I can help her with finding the right trama therapy she desperately needs!! She not only lost her husband but any and all financial stability my daughter had. Now , she needs help to try to start her entire life over with not even having an option to work, she herself has an enormous tumor intertwined in the to her spinal nerves no surgeon will consider removing!! She is trying to start a life without him with absolutely no income…they were together from the time she turned only 19 years old… And We as her parents are begging for any help anyone can find in there hearts to help her!!

Organized by

Melissa Smith

Lithopolis, OH, USA