About this fundraiser

Greetings, dear friends! I've initiated this fundraiser on behalf of my uncle (Ramanand Bedesi) residing in Guyana, who faces a critical situation with his eyesight. An urgent eye surgery in Suriname is his only hope, but regrettably, he lacks the financial means to proceed. Without this vital procedure, he faces permanent blindness. At the age of 62, he recently suffered the tragic loss of his son in a motorcycle accident, and his wife is confined to a wheelchair. He's been her pillar of support since their son's passing, and without the necessary funds, he'll be unable to care for himself, let alone his wife. I humbly beseech each of you to contribute whatever amount you can afford, bringing us one step closer to restoring his precious eyesight. Your generosity will be met with profound gratitude. Thank you all for your kind consideration.

Organized by

Debbie Gangapersaud

New York, NY, USA