About this fundraiser

Hello friends and family. As you know, Will is scheduled to have his heart valve repaired in Pittsburg this winter. You are only receiving this link if you have asked “how can I help”, and our answer first and foremost is PRAY. Pray for Will's healing and the steady hands of the surgeons. We appreciate this more than anything you can imagine. 

Secondly, thanks to Tyler's military service, we have wonderful insurance that should take care of most the medical bills, but we will have several out of pocket expenses to cover.  

We'll be in Pittsburgh for 2 weeks as a family, and could use donations to assist with:

  • Meals
  • Hotel room
  • Care for our dogs while away
  • Airport parking

There's a cap on the donations for our best estimate, and we ask for no more. We're continually grateful for the amazing people in our life, and the gift of Will's healing since birth.

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Holly Black

Overbrook, OK, USA


tyler black

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