About this fundraiser

Hope with Open and Clear Eyes! 

I am seeking your support to assist finance my mother's Brain Surgery to remove a Brain Tumor. 

My mother Wynette Mc Calman is a champion, a resilient and respectful woman. She is talented, skilled and purpose driven. She is a leader and team player. A Community Leader and Youth Advocate for Positive Youth Development. 

She is an amazing mother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to many. She is a voice and ears to listen and provide support. She goes above and beyond the call to help everyone that she can. 

My mother is an outstanding woman and  Phenomenal mother to me and my brother. She raised us in the best way she knows and making us responsible and respectable young men. She thought us morals, values, and how to love and respect others. She is our shining star and our support. She is only 52 years old and we believe that she has many more years to give. 

Right now our loving mother needs your help to save her life and sight as this tumor is located in her forehead and it's affecting the nerve that allows her to see and smell. This is an urgent situation and we are asking for your support to help us get our mother the help she needs. Please note that your donation will be used for the purpose stated; surgery, air fairs, accommodation among others expenses. Thank you as your donation it is very much appreciated. 

Organized by

Jermaine Cockfield

Queens, NY, USA