About this fundraiser

Well if you was to meet this man named Daniel Coggins you would understand right away why I'm doing this. Daniel has lost his mother, his Father and his only brother as well. And he keeps on helping others he never thinks of himself Daniel has the biggest heart a human being can own and he just lost his place  to live because it's nearly impossible to get a job with a sex offence,he just got himself a car and now lost his job because his employer found out about his charges and didn't bother asking him to explain.he desperately needs some help with hiring a lawyer… In 2005 he was accused of a sexual offence (that never happened in the first place)so the police arrested him with out any evidence after spending several months in jail his public defender talked him into a  Alford's plea, (which is pleading guilty by best interests)to get out and that was his biggest mistake he should have never plead guilty of a Crime You've never    committed that was the worst mistake  of his life he was sentence to 6 months jail time and 3 years sex therapy classes at the behavioral health center in Guilford county well part of your treatment is to take a polygraph test on the charges since he was still denying.And so he did. And he past them they also wanted him to take a sexual history polygraph test so he done that as well  and he past that as well…and wait a minute y'all he's not done yet they also gave mr. Coggins an Able Assessment Test which was pasted as well. So having passed three different tests and the public eye still thinks of you as scum of the earth everything they told him he no longer needs to take those classes and after two weeks he was told not to come back…And those tests were taken at the Christy Cornwell Center in Greensboro NC if anyone feels the need to do some research on Daniels story. and now Daniel can potition the court and come off the register.but he needs help with lawyer fees and he also needs a place to stay in the meantime it's very difficult for Daniel he can't live in a shelter he can't get a good job his life was ruined by a woman  who just wanted him in jail cause she asked him for money and he said No he needs our help america please give what you can and you can make a difference in this man life but if anyone deserves a hand up it's this man right here please give what you can thank you

Organized by

Daniel Coggins

Durham, NC, USA