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  • Well I was hoping that someone would look or see my post, it would be greatly appreciated if someone would see it. It would help me and my daughter , these last few months have been very hard trying to handle everything by myself being a single mother.

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Hello my name is Courtney Huntley and I really don't know where to start….. my rent was $500 dollars but because I had two jobs, my rent was raised to $1100 dollars, I quit my first shft job so that my rent would go down  and it did,  but I have an outstanding balance of $3000 dollars. With my curren job I have struggled to pay it but I got behind and received an eviction noticed. I have untill march 24, 2024 to have the balance pay.I have a daughter who is a senior in high school,we both like where we currently stay. My hope was for her to be able to finish high  school here at our present place of residency and start colleg  .  My daughter and I would really benefit from the help. The help would help us to pay off the balance so that I could find somewhere else to move. This is my last resort and it would be greatly appreciated. There will be plenty of updates as to what is going on

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Courtney Huntley

Toledo, OH, USA