About this fundraiser

I currently live in rayville and have a very abusive spouse. I am bound to house and cannot go anywhere. I have my escape plan but he takes any money I have. The only family I have is in picayune ms and I want to go near her but do not have the funds. Everyday I'm verbally and physically assaulted he knows all the cops u don't know how many time he's got me removed because I stood up for myself and I wasn't even allowed to take a toothbrush.  I have no friends around here and don't know anyone.  I'm at the lowest of the low and begging for help. This is the first time ever doing something like this but I know there's got to be people who were in my shoes once or knows someone and how hard it is to get away. I'm asking for someone to care and give me hope thank you

Organized by

amber Harris

Rayville, LA, USA