About this fundraiser

I have had a really hard time since my husband passed away first I was not given my 3 days grievance by my employer they considered my two normal days off as being part of those 3 days then social security and IRS both decided since my husband passed away before January of 22 that they could just help themselves to my paychecks to repay them stimulus checks not once but twice then my bank just gave a random person a bank card through the mail and my bank account ended up $5,000 in overdraft than in January I ended up getting run off the road by a lug truck and my boss gave me the weekend to get a medical clearance and come back to work or not come back at all so I had to go back to work with a broken ribs six broken bones in my hand and a concussion then I had two surgeries in 22 and I lost my job in 23 and I have just now obtained employment but I am in trouble with my landlord because I am 2 months behind in my rent and I am on a month to month lease with a 72 hour pay or vacate I am $510 in the rear on that I am $550 behind in my lights and they are fixing to shut them off and I am about to lose my car to a title loan that is $460 that I have been struggling to make payments on I have sold everything I have about you to try to keep going I am not asking for much if somebody could just donate $0.50 it does add up and any donations will be appreciated I have never done this before I don't really know how it works but I am fixing to lose my home it's not much but I would like to keep so if anybody out there can help me please anything will help and I need a little gas money to get me back and forth to work until I get a paycheck thank you for reading my story

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Angela shoemaker

Seattle, WA, USA