Latest update as of Feb 16, 2024

  • Nova made it through surgery

    Nova needed a blood transfusion during surgery but besides that everything else went well, it was expected to be a 6 hour surgery but they were able to complete it in 3 hours. We have a follow up appointment with her oncologist set for Tuesday however her dr is in vacation and I spoke to the pathologist and he confirmed we are facing at least one diagnosis of Wilms tumor. So we have started to plan for our move to Hawaii with that being said plane tickets are really expensive right now and that is the first thing that needs funded if you can help please do or you can also share and pray to help as well!

    Nova made it through surgery

About this fundraiser

My 2 year old daughter Nova was born premature at 37 weeks due to pregnancy medical complications caused by pre-eclampsia, also due to some of her own complications that presented at birth she was clinically diagnosed with Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome, and that clinical diagnosis was confirmed 3 weeks after birth with a genetic test that was ran. She specifically has the Paternal Uniparental disonomy form of BWS, BWS makes her predisposed to childhood cancers as well as developmental delays, so while we are navigating  how to  best meet her learning needs we are now facing a kidney cancer battle. On 9/1 we went into our normal scans where we check for abnormal blood work or ultrasounds of her abdomen, where they found what no parent wants to hear, we were told Nova has a mass and is was most likely wilms tumor we began the series of tests needed to confirm and as of the last pathology results we have confirmed there is at least one cancer present. Nova‘s chromosome disorder can cause her to have underlying cancers that can cause other presentation first as well so from birth and her labs it showed she could possibly have a cancer but they were unable to pinpoint and search to find it based off data like her labs. Because of the results we scheduled a partial nephrectomy and lymph node resection but Nova got sick so we postpone, we requested a second opinion from St Jude to feel better about the decision and they agreed on the removal. On Jan. 23rd we returned to rescan as it was time for our regular 3 month appointment to check growth before scheduling surgery and Nova’s mass has now grown double in size in the past two months so we are more concerned that we are dealing with a more aggressive cancer. However regardless even with the Wilms tumor we have a minimum of 6 months of chemo and radiation. we will be relocating to the best place for Novas care after results come in which at this time would be a women and children cancer hospital in Hawaii. We need to raise money to help us get to Hawaii and Have a safe place to stay while we wait on Nova to be admitted for treatment and at that time we will be able to apply for some resources like the Ronald McDonald house Which will help us by providing housing while she’s admitted but we will still have some other needs that we will need support for. 
I appreciate the love and support 🤍

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