About this fundraiser

All the funds are to go to the most wonderful woman in the world at least her family she's kind she's generous she's smart she's loving and she's been given less than 2 months to live period she has a husband who has congested heart failure and no telling how much longer he will last they have 2 children age 12 and 17 these children need help when their parents pass they'll need money for school they'll need money to live they'll need money to pay for the funerals they will need help with everything I don't know what else I can do besides give my love and whatever else I can and hopefully get some money to help support them and their time of need. She was a teacher and she always helped other children I'm hoping in some small way we can help her with her children it's the most loving hispanic family I have ever known they have made me one of their own and I would really like to help.

Organized by

Jeanne Carver

Phoenix, AZ, USA