About this fundraiser

Compassion, Mercy and Grace is what I am begging for! Help me my self esteem confidence and life is ruined.

My WIFE and kids are embarrassed of my missing teeth.

I am 16 years proud to serve my country veteran unfortunately I wasn't selected to medically retire due to perform to serve I wasn't eligible to re-enlist because of medical issues, migraines, muscle ache, fatigue but no medical board. After discharge in 2020 symptom worsened. I wasn't diagnose until 2021 and the Navy never did blood test even when I complained of muscle aches, bald spots, and tooth loss. The VA keep stringing me along  for 18 months to no solution until  I was fitted with huge uncomfortable dentures June 2022 but I was born with extreme gag reflex, anyone with dentures would say its difficult to learn to use a upper denture and I keep drooling and salivating with them. I can't talk or eat with them so I CAN NOT wear them.  Worst Issue is Dental insurance WILL NOT cover missing teeth that the Navy removed PROMISING implants for each command I complain and got so frustrated complaining I was diagnose with GAD.  Please help! and any little bit Please imagine not being to talk to without someone judging you, imagine isolating yourself because of your appearance, imagine losing your self confidence, imagine losing yourself! Imagine knowing my mouth looks disgusting, Sometimes I cry. Im embarrass to even speak up or converse, I am ASHAME!

Veterans were given a mix of animal squalene when they received the anthrax vaccine and it's causing cell damage, auto immune diseases such as lupus, RA, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Organized by

Shawn Sutphin

Acworth, GA, USA