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Ashley is 6 years old and was diagnosed with liver cancer. We took Ashley to her pediatrician for a sore throat and slight fever. While her doctor was checking her out he noticed that her liver was enlarged. He ordered bloodwork and we went to Children's the next day for labs and an ultrasound of her liver. Our pediatrician also got us in touch with the GI doctor while we waited on results. While Ashley and her dad were driving home from children's, I recieved a call I will never forget. Her doctors office called to tell me that they found a solid mass on her liver and need to run more tests immediately. The next day we had a ton of blood work done and had to wait over the weekend for results. On Monday we met with the GI doctor and she told us that the normal range was 1-10 and Ashley's result was 300,000 indicating cancer. Before they could tell us if it was cancer and what type of cancer, Ashley had to be sedated for an MRI and CT Scan. She then had to have a procedure the next day to biopsy the tumor and a piece of her liver. They also ended up putting a port in for easy access for bloodwork and chemo therapy. On Friday, December 15 we got the call confirming our deepest fear. Ashley has hepatoblastoma. Cancer. We have a long journey ahead of us. We have talked to Ashley about side effects of chemo and she's been so strong and tough. During this time, I (mom) have been waking up hoping it's a nightmare but shortly realize it's reality when I do actually sleep. Our family has been very supportive and helpful. Ashley has been so strong and honestly stronger than me must of the time. This little girl tells me, "mom ill be okay. Im strong.¹" And thats what keeps me going. She is my strength. During this time and the upcoming months my husband and I aren't working due to hospital stays, appointments, and taking care of Ashley and her brother. Due to Ashley's weak immune system from chemo we have decided to keep both kids home from school and home school until it's safe for her to be back at school. We recently found out Ashley was misdiagnosed and has HCC. 

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