Latest update as of Jul 24, 2023

  • Update 7/24/23

    It is with a heavy heart that I post this. Mom passed away peacefully this morning.

    While the family mourns, we ask that if you can share this fundraiser, please do.

    Please be aware that money will go towards her expenses, be they medical, mortgage, or funeral expenses.

    Thank You,

    Paul N.

About this fundraiser

Mom was hospitalized with a severe uti and ESBL infection with masked one or two (undetermined) occipital and bilateral strokes just before Christmas 2022. She moved to a SNF in January and exhausted her medicare. And has rapidly deteriorated into 24/7 care and hospice. She is awaiting a medicaid waiver, but even so, the bills are still coming in. At this moment, her patient care bill at the SNF alone, is almost to $50,000. And although have all come together to do the best that we can to keep her household as well as our own afloat ,  her bills are beginning to pile up and we just can’t keep up with this all. 

Her time left here with us is short. We are asking for help to cover the ever so quickly accumulating bills and help ease her family’s minds of this burden so that we may enjoy the time we have left with our mother without the added stress of the financial aspects.  

We are happy to provide payment information if anyone is willing to pay directly to the mortgage or the home mom is currently in. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray, and also if you would, please share to help us give our mother the peace of knowing she doesn’t have to be stressed over the bills during these last days of her life. 

Organized by

Paul Nichols

Beaufort, SC, USA