About this fundraiser

Second journey with treatments for breast cancer. Medical bills with minimal income. Travel expenses, gas, groceries. We need help!!  It’s the 4 of us trying to survive, with young adults caring for their parents n trying to fend for themselves. It’s way too much for one family to endure, especially with another year of treatments ahead. 

Life has hit us hard. It sucks. You loose all sense of direction. It engulfs you even though you try not to let it.  We’ve felt empty, lost, mislead, misguided like you have no choices. Sometimes you don’t know where the path goes, and it goes in all the directions you never wanted to be lead on. It drains your mind, soul, bank account, perspective. If you can spare anything to help us, whether that be time, money, gift cards, or just coming to sit and chat with us for a visit, it would mean more than you know. We have walked this alone for too long and truly need the support and help of people.  We are aiming to be ourselves and be as much of a family as possible during this. I keep walking, climbing on my own conquering my inside evils with the world floating by silently. If you help in any way you are motivated to, we will not take it for granted. This life is all we have and we wish to live it to the fullest, and I, Amy, CANCER FREE. NEVER Turning Back! Thank you!

Organized by

Amy Uplinger

Windsor, NY, USA