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  • Appreciate the support

    The family wants to thank everyone so far for helping during this difficult time. We also want to share and remind that you can zelle Ysidro instead of using this platform, this was created to assist in explaining and sharing what the family is so experiencing.

    Appreciate the support

About this fundraiser

The purpose of this fund is to help the Avila family with the transition of Richard’s passing. Many who’ve known Richard knew he loved running, gourd dancing, and his family. For those who’ve known him through teaching, knew that he cared about his students, wanted to make a difference, and be a positive and supportive adult in their lives. Those who’ve known him through running, knew he was a passionate, dedicated, and humble coach to many. Richard gave generously with his time and his wisdom. Those of us who were lucky enough to have a relationship with him are grateful for the time spent together and many will say he helped to change their lives. 

In 2017, Richard underwent eye surgery in an attempt to save his only good eye. This would have given him the chance to keep the slight vision he had for many years. Unfortunately, the surgery had unforseen complications and, as a result, he completely lost his vision. This was a devastating blow to Richards’s mental and physical health, since being physically active and running was a driving force of his life. Richard and his family grieved the loss of his vision and had to learn how to adapt and accept it. Additional difficulties ensued when Richard learned that despite paying into life insurance policies for many years prior to 2018, he was faced with yet another harsh reality that he was not allowed to renew his policy, as blindness is an exclusionary reason for renewal due to the heightened risk of injury. Lastly during the fall of 2020, Richard faced yet another health crisis. He endured an emergency double bypass heart surgery, which resulted in a diagnosis of congestive heart failure and the discovery of cancer during the procedure. This compounded the inability for his family to afford any type of life insurance, leaving them without any compensation upon his passing. 

Richard’s family is now faced with several financial hardships upon this transition into living life without him and is open to help during these times. This fund will be used for funeral costs, existing medical debt, mortgage payments, and other financial hardships the family is enduring. Stephen, age 15, will graduate high school in 2026 and Samuel, age 9, will graduate high school in 2032. Going to college is the plan for the children and the family wants to ensure that they will have something to help with their education, as well as keeping their family’s home that will hopefully be able to be paid for and eventually owned by the 3rd generation. Thank you for your time in reading about our father and husband. He is deeply missed.



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