Latest update as of Jul 01, 2024

  • Update- I am very Thankful that I have received a Thoughtful Donation from a friend through my @CashApp which is leaving my goal at only needing $800 now for Bandits Surgery.. Please, any amount is Greatly Appreciated.. Thank You..🫶

About this fundraiser

I’m raising funds  of $1,300 to Help with my Bandits Vet Bill. My Bandit is my 4 yr old Jack Russell, he is the happiest.Boy. It breaks my heart to see him loosing his sight..Bandit was diagnosed with Anterior Lens Luxation In both eyes, With already having to have his left eye removed, He is going to have to have a Transcorneal reduction of the anterior lens on the right eye as well, If this treatment doesn’t work, he‘s  going to have to have his eye removed also, Please,, Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank You. 
Update: Bandits Eye has gotten Cloudy, which means that the Lens has moved. Please Donate to help with His Medical Bill. Thank You So Much.. 🫶🐾

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Elizabeth Hawkins

Marcus Hook, PA, USA